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De’Aaron Fox hates In-N-Out, and the Kings should probably trade him

Such transgressions cannot be tolerated

Safe Kids Day 2017 Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Safe Kids Worldwide

De’Aaron Fox was drafted by the Sacramento Kings with the 5th overall pick, and quickly endeared himself to the city. He wanted to play for the Kings, he has a great personality, and he plays fun, exciting basketball. But then it all came crashing down.

In a Rolling Stone profile, Fox revealed that he doesn’t like In-N-Out Burger, a California staple.

I heard you're really into breakfast food. Have you found your favorite brunch spot in Sacramento yet?

Yeah, but I can't tell you because then people are going to meet me there. All I gotta say, you can tell everybody that lives in the state of California this: In-N-Out is not good.

What's your beef with In-N-Out Burger?

Their burgers are overrated. They're OK.

Even Animal Style?

Yes. People always say, you haven't tried this. You haven't tried that. I'm like, "Yeah, I looked up the secret menu. I've tried it all. It's just not good."

That's controversial. What's the best fast food spot then?

Honestly, for me, I don't count Chick-fil-A, because it's way too good to be considered fast food. So I'm gonna say Wendy's. Fat Burger in L.A. is better than In-N-Out. My fans know I keep it real. I've told so many people I hate In-N-Out, it's funny. Now everyone can read about it.

Listen, you don’t have to think In-N-Out is the best fast food burger ever made, but Wendy’s?

Fox went on to double down on Twitter.

De’Aaron is quickly seeing the backlash to spurning the love of Kings fans.

I think the Kings are faced with two options. Either force Fox to eat In-N-Out until he loves it, or trade him. There’s really no other option, unless you’re a crazy person who thinks people can have different food preferences without it impacting you personally.