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NBA admits George Hill didn’t foul Eric Gordon

What’s the point of a replay system that doesn’t overturn bad calls?

Kimani Okearah

I didn’t want to sully my recap of what was an exciting first game by spending a lot of time talking about one bad call. But now the NBA has come out with their Last Two Minute report from last night’s game and I’m back to being pissed off.

For starters, the report clearly comes out and states that George Hill did not foul Eric Gordon. Anyone who watched the game knew that.

Second, the official who is directly in front of the action clearly whistles the ball out of bounds as Kings ball, while the official who is behind the play under the basket seems to call for a foul. The excuse explanation given in the two minute report and to reporters last night was that the replay center was determining who the person fouled was. This does not make sense either, as there is only one Houston Rocket who it could have been, Eric Gordon. No other Rocket is even close to being in the area.

I understand that rules have to be followed and they determined it was a foul. But what is the point of replay if it clearly shows that a call was bad and should not have been made? Why are the officials not given the leverage to overturn the call, especially seeing as another official (with a better line of sight) had a different interpretation? We see calls overturned all the time when officials talk to each other, there was even one instance last night where an out of bounds call with Houston getting the ball was switched to Kings getting the ball without the use of replay involved.

This call was not enough to determine the outcome of the game, and the Kings probably still would have lost. But Sacramento definitely would have had a better chance, and the NBA admitting it was a bad call the day after despite the play itself going to replay review leaves a bad taste in my mouth.