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John Wall says De’Aaron Fox shoots better than he did coming in to NBA

John Wall and De’Aaron Fox faced off for the first time Sunday. After the game, Wall shared his thoughts on the rookie.

Kimani Okearah

Washington Wizards star John Wall said over the summer that he thought Sacramento Kings rookie De'Aaron Fox could end up being the best point guard of the 2017 NBA draft class and that he reminded him a lot of himself.

Wall, a fellow Kentucky alumnus, has been the player that Fox has been compared to the most. The two of them faced off for the first time on Sunday in Sacramento and Wall certainly outdid the 19-year-old Fox. Wall finished the game with 19 points, going 5-6 from three, to go along with nine assists. It was Fox's first start in the NBA and also his worst game so far from the field - he finished with only two points after going 1-8. (Though he did have five assists and four rebounds in his 26 minutes of action.)

After the game, Wall discussed Fox, saying that he has been following him. Wall likes the group of veterans the Kings have put around him, and also complimented Fox’s shooting.

"He's been great for those guys," Wall told Sactown Royalty. "He's got some great veterans around that's going to help him. Just getting adjusted to the game. He's very fast, he's very athletic, he knows how to play the game. He shoots the ball better than what I did coming in. I think it's just finding a comfortability to know when to be aggressive and when to find his teammates with a young team."

Wall shot 40 percent from the field and 29 percent from three in his first season in the NBA. Fox is shooting 39 percent from the field and 42 percent from three through six games. (He was shooting 42 percent from the field going into Sunday’s game against the Wizards.)

Wall was asked how he learned to control his speed, something Fox may need to develop.

"It kind of helped me when I was injured. Just sitting back and watching film and watching guys. I saw Derrick Rose and Russell Westbrook, and those guys, how they were playing at one speed and then all the sudden they learned how to change pace, and it makes you a tougher person to guard,” Wall said. “It's going to take time, but he'll figure it out and when he does, he's going to be a special player in this league."

Wall said he told Fox on Sunday that things will get better for him and that he can reach out to him any time if he needs advice.