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Garrett Temple discusses his future with the Kings

Temple was non-committal about his future in Sacramento, but isn’t opposed to returning

Garrett Temple
Kimani Okearah

Garrett Temple is one of the key veterans helping develop the young core of the Sacramento Kings. The Kings, according to various outlets, love Temple and what he brings both on the floor and in the locker room. But Temple has a player option this coming summer. He can opt-in for another year with the Kings and $8 million, or he can opt-out and seek another contract in free agency.

Temple sat down with James Ham on a recent episode of Kings Insider podcast, and discussed his future.

“I can see myself finishing my career here, I can definitely see that, I have a great relationship with the front office. I have a great relationship with the coaching staff, the fans as well.”

“I’m a guy who wants to win, so I’m definitely going to weigh my options depending on how this year goes out, but I’m a guy who loves this team. I love these young guys.”

This doesn’t exactly clarify the future for the Kings, or tell us much we didn’t know already. Temple obviously has a great relationship with his teammates, that seems to be a constant wherever Temple goes. But still, it’s encouraging to hear that Temple has such a solid relationship with all levels of this team.

When Temple signed originally, the free agent market was going so crazy that him opting out seemed like a foregone conclusion. This past summer we saw the purse strings tighten around the league. $8 million per year may not be realistic for Temple this coming summer. He’ll obviously be listening to his agent, who will be gauging the market.

There are some who feel that the Kings should trade Temple before he possibly opts out and the Kings lose him for nothing, but this is a silly idea pushed by long-necked Sactown Royalty staff members who are best ignored.