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The Kings "City" jersey has leaked and it’s really bad

Nike blew it.

When Nike took over NBA jersey designs this season, it was announced that each team would have their standard home and away jerseys, which they renamed to something else that I can never remember, but essentially the Sacramento Kings have their whites and their purples. And then each team has their “Statement” jerseys, which are the black jerseys for the Kings. And finally, each team will have a “City” jersey to represent their city, I suppose. Well, those jerseys leaked via NBA 2K on Thursday. Behold, in all its atrocity, the Sacramento Kings “City” alternate.

Now, these aren’t official, but there’s little reason to believe these aren’t correct. And man, I wish I had any reason to tell you that these aren’t real. These are hideous. They are easily one of the worst jerseys the Kings have ever had, second only to the infamous gold jerseys.

The soccer-style white up top is distracting, and pushes the logo down on the jersey. The red piping makes the jersey busier. The two-color version of the lion logo worsens what was one of my favorite Kings logos. It looks like something you’d find at TJ Maxx in 1997. It doesn’t look like an NBA jersey.

Nike blew it on this design. It’s just bad. I’m sure some of you will like it, and that’s fine. You’re entitled to your wrong opinions.