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Dave Joerger helped give Vince Carter a cool moment in Toronto

NBA: Sacramento Kings at Toronto Raptors Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

With De’Aaron Fox sitting out with a quad injury, Sacramento Kings head coach Dave Joerger had a vacancy in the starting lineup. Joerger opted to give the start to Vince Carter in Toronto, where the man once known as Air Canada played his first 6 NBA seasons. Before the game, Vince looked spry in ways that guys about to turn 41 shouldn’t look.

Vince played 25 minutes, but the best moment came with 11 seconds remaining. With the game over, Joerger subbed out Carter. A seemingly meaningless substitution, except it gave Toronto an opportunity to shower Carter with appreciation.

It was a really cool moment, as Raptors fans may not have many more opportunities to send off Vinsanity. Carter sounds like he could play in the league another year, but you never know what could happen. This might have been his last time playing in Toronto, and it was a very cool move by Joerger to give him this moment.