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Kings unveil new "City" court design

It matches the City uniforms

Sacramento Kings

The Sacramento Kings unveiled a new court design today, dubbed the "City" court. This court matches the City uniforms that leaked recently. If we’re trying to put a positive spin on it, I can say they did a good job matching the court to the uniforms.

Sacramento Kings

The only design element that screams "City" is the "Sactown" moniker on the baselines. We at Sactown Royalty obviously approve of this.

Beyond that, it feels cluttered. The gray in the logo is the only gray anywhere on the court. The red outline awkwardly intersects the baseline and sideline text. And I really don’t see how this represents Sacramento.

What’s weird is that the black "Statement" uniforms have a great, subtle nod to the coty, and are already fan favorites Why not make those the City jerseys and do something cool and original for the Statement? Or if these are going to be the City jerseys, why not incorporate things relating to...I dunno...the City? The Tower Bridge perhaps, or trees, or the capitol?

We’ll still reserve final judgement until we see the court for ourselves. Court renderings usually dont fully capture the final viewing experience.

We’re also expecting an official reveal of the jerseys soon. In the meantime, let us know what you think in the comments.