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The legend of the G-Man

Dave Mason takes a look at the man behind the voice, the legendary Gary Gerould


What’s the first thing you think about when you think about Gary Gerould? For me it’s his signature call, “heeeeeeeeeeeeeee’s got the bucket!”. The G-Man has been calling games in Sacramento ever since they came here, and he’s as much a part of the franchise to me and many others as any player, coach or GM.

I still remember being grounded as a kid once, not able to watch the Kings on TV, so I had my radio on in my room listening to Gary while I was dribbling and shooting an imaginary basketball, trying to recreate the picture that Gary was painting. Chris Webber scored 41 points for the second straight game and the Kings held off a late comeback by the Denver Nuggets. I can still remember that game vividly, and I didn’t even watch it. That’s all thanks to Gary Gerould.

Dave Mason recently sat down with guys like Chris Webber, Marv Albert, Doug Christie and the G-Man himself to do an audio documentary looking back on his time with the Kings. It’s a great listen and makes you appreciate Gary even more.

The Kings might have only been great for a few years here and there, but Gary Gerould has been the best in the business for a long time. We’ve been blessed to have him as long as we have, and hopefully for a while longer.