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The Pacers are interested in Arron Afflalo


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NBA: Sacramento Kings at Los Angeles Lakers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this afternoon, USA Today’s Sam Amick released an excellent report on the Indiana Pacers, Larry Bird, and Paul George. In the interest of time and context, Bird needs to find Paul George some help, and if they can’t do that, trading George might be their only option. Sound familiar?

Sprinkled in that report was a little nugget about veteran Sacramento Kings guard Arron Afflalo.

Via Sam Amick -

Bird is known to be searching for options that would ease George's concerns, inquiring about players like Philadelphia’s Jahlil Okafor, the Sacramento Kings’ Arron Afflalo, Portland’s Allen Crabbe and Ed Davis.

Ailene Voison of the Sacramento Bee later confirmed the Pacers’ interest in Afflalo.

Amick’s original report sounds less promising than Voisin’s follow up in the sense that if Bird is looking for a reason to convince Paul Goerge to stay, I can't imagine Afflalo is going to have an impact on that one way or the other. If the Pacers are looking for some cheap help in order to (hopefully) secure a playoff spot this season, Arron might be able to provide that.

Afflalo is having a decent statistical season, all things considered. He’s looked a lot more comfortable at small forward than shooting guard, his defense has been serviceable, and his three point shot is still falling.

For the Kings, he’s exactly the kind of veteran player they should be trying to trade at this point in the season, but I wouldn’t expect an overly valuable return.

Here’s a link to the trade machine. Knock yourself out.

PS. Arron Afflalo for Monta Ellis totally works. Nobody tell Vivek.