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The Kings are seeking a first round pick for Darren Collison


NBA: Sacramento Kings at Los Angeles Lakers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Happy trade deadline day, y’all! Let’s roll.

Awesome NBA man David Aldridge is reporting this morning that the Sacramento Kings are, indeed, fielding offers for veteran point guard Darren Collison.

Sean Deveney of Sporting News indicated that Atlanta, Charlotte and Milwaukee have all expressed interest in the Kings’ Point Guard.

Of course, this report comes just days after Vlade Divac told Collison he does not plan to trade him. As we are all well aware of by now, plans change.

This is precisely the kind of trade the Kings should be pursuing at this point, and for the first time in ages, the Kings appear to be conducting business correctly. You know, aside from the part where they told Collison anything about his future in Sacramento. Despite how easy of an out Divac gave himself by using plan instead of won’t, this will inevitably blow up in the Kings’ face if a deal goes down. Anyway.

The Kings should be leaking this sort of report out. They should be making it seem like Collison is a hot commodity, and they should be putting that we want a first round pick or no deal message out there. They should run that play right up until the deadline, and take the best offer from there.

This is a trade that should happen in light of recent events. We’ll see if anything comes out of it. Stay tuned.