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Rudy Gay is recovering well, but his future with the Kings remains uncertain

Rudy’s recovery is on track for training camp

Kimani Okearah

The Sacramento Kings were a very different team when Rudy Gay tore his achilles on January 18th. The team was chasing the 8th seed, and were centered around Rudy and DeMarcus Cousins. Now Cousins is gone, the team is in full rebuilding mode, and Rudy Gay is rehabbing his achilles.

In an update from the Sacramento Bee’s Jason Jones, we learn that Rudy’s rehab is going well, and it sounds like Rudy is in a really good place mentally.

Gay’s spirits remain high as he attends sessions three days a week in Miami. He said he eventually will continue his recovery in Austin, Texas.

“It’s tough,” Gay said of the workouts, which include strength, range of motion and weight training. “Basically, I’m becoming more aware of my body; I’m understanding things a little better. I’m taking this time to understand my body and not just get back with my foot but the rest of my body, also. It’s given me time to become a better athlete.”

Anyone who has gone through any type of physical therapy can appreciate how well Rudy is handling this. Recovering from an injury like this is a long, slow, grueling process.

But it’s great to hear that he’s handling it with a positive outlook.

As for his career, Rudy is taking it one day at a time. Before the season he had told the Kings he intended to opt out of his contract after the year was over, but the injury could change things. Rudy still expects to be ready for training camp, but isn’t committing one way or the other right now.

He’s on course to be ready for next season but said he’ll decide what to do after an evaluation of his health and his agent’s assessment of the market.

“I’m looking at where I feel most comfortable, where I can showcase my talents and win,” Gay said. “Wherever I think I can do that at, that’s the best place for me.”

It’s tough to see how Rudy fits into a rebuild project, but the Kings don’t have any choice in the matter. We’ll just have to wait and see. Personally, I’m just hoping Rudy has a full recovery and is able to determine his own future.