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Join the Sactown Royalty March Madness Bracket!

You could win a super impressive and creative prize!

NCAA Basketball: Washington State at UCLA Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Hello, Sactown Royalty!

I was filling out a March Madness bracket for my real-life job when the obvious hit me directly in the face - why don’t we have a March Madness bracket challenge extravaganza right here on Sactown Royalty?

So, uh, that is all this post is going to be about.

Here’s the scoop:

Go HERE! <—- Click on that!

Or just go to ESPN and follow the bread crumb trail. They are promoting the ever-loving knightman out of their March Madness stuff so it shouldn’t be too hard to find.

Our group is called SactownRoyalty and the password is NikRocks, it’s open to anyone with those credentials, but to make sure someone from our community here wins, please drop the name of your bracket and/or ESPN username in the comments below. If you don’t do this by tipoff on Thursday, your entry is not eligible for our grand prize!

What is the grand prize, you ask? A $10 gift card to Chipotle!

Nik Rocks!

Good luck.