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Bogdan Bogdanovic won’t commit to joining Kings next season

Bogdan isn’t committing one way or the other

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As part of the 2016 draft-day trade with Phoenix Suns, the Sacramento Kings acquired the rights to international prospect Bogdan Bogdanivoc. Bogdan has been having a strong season, and has been a source of hope for Kings fans expecting him to join the Kings next season. However, Bogdan took to twitter to temper expectations.

To be clear, Bogdanovic isn’t saying that he won’t join the Kings, simply that he’s not making any decisions yet. But perhaps it’s a signal that we should stop assuming he’s coming over as a guaranteed next step.

All of this being said, there’s still reason for Kings fans to remain optimistic. Part of the reason Bogdan hasn’t come over in previous seasons is that he would be tied to the rookie scale for his first contract. It’s been assumed he would come over next year because he would be able to sign a non-rookie scale contract. That hasn’t changed.

My guess is that the NBA talk was becoming a distraction to both Bogdan and his Fenerbahce teammates, and he released this statement to slow the discussion.

Luckily, if Bogdan decides to spend another season overseas, the Kings will still have approximately 8 shooting guards on the roster.