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Ty Lawson has allegedly violated his probation

A report from TMZ indicates that a warrant is being requested

NBA: Miami Heat at Sacramento Kings Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

Sacramento Kings point guard Ty Lawson has allegedly violated his probation and officials in Denver are seeking a warrant for his arrest, according to a report from TMZ. The probation stems from Lawson’s 2015 drunk driving case. TMZ has the details of what the probation agreement required, but there’s no indication yet what element Lawson may have violated.

Some of the requirements of Lawson's probation -- which was scheduled to end on March 22 -- included monitored sobriety, 48 hours of community service, 52 hours of therapy and no marijuana use.

If Lawson did indeed violate his probation, it would be a frustrating setback for the Kings. Sacramento was able to get Lawson on a very cheap contract, but it was because he came with a history of off-court legal issues. Lawson, to his credit, had been without incident this season with the exception of a missed flight in training camp that was quickly brushed off by the team. If Lawson violated his probation just weeks before it was scheduled to end, it would be an astounding display of poor judgement.

We’ll continue to monitor the story as more becomes known.