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Kings 123, Timberwolves 117: The Wolves Go Down, the Kings Yell Timber

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The Kings care not about your tank, put in some great effort versus the Timberwolves

NBA: Sacramento Kings at Minnesota Timberwolves Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

With six games left in the books, many teams in the Kings past would have one foot on the beach already, but the Sacramento Kings care not about your tank. Down 16 early, the Kings scored 104 points in the latter three quarters en-route to a 123-117 victory over the Minnesota Timberwolves.

It was a strangely paced game, with the Kings both trailing by as much as 16 and leading by as much as 15, but their hustle and grit won out in the end. Sure, the game may have had some implications on lottery position, but I don’t really care. I have watched this team lose for over a decade and it has gotten them nowhere, so I love seeing a young team who is going out there thinking about the game at hand and fighting back, even after rough starts like tonight.

Tonight, it was a wide-array of players, from Willie Cauley-Stein putting up another double-double, to Buddy Hield putting up 22 points, and the seldom-used Langston Galloway giving the team 17 points off the bench. At point guard, Ty Lawson and Darren Collison combined for 28 points and 18 assists (most of each coming from Lawson). It was an all-around effort that was fun to watch. Even for those on team tank, I am not sure what the Kings were supposed to do differently on the court. If anything, the team’s young players the ones who are supposed to help the tank, are the ones keeping the team out of it.

All of the Timberwolves starters scored in double-digits with, as to be expected, Andrew Wiggins and Karl-Anthony Towns leading the pack with 32 points and 28 points, respectively. No other Timberwolf (I have no clue if this is the proper way to say a singular player) had more than 11.

The Kings will have a couple of days to prepare for their next game against the Dallas Mavericks on Tuesday at 7:30.

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