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Darren Collison expresses interest in re-signing with the Kings

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Despite the youth, Collison wouldn’t mind coming back.

Kimani Okearah

The Sacramento Kings are in an interesting spot with regards to their point guard depth chart heading into the offseason, as both Ty Lawson and Darren Collison will be unrestricted free agents this summer.

Langston Galloway has a $5.2 million player option for next season, and Garrett Temple can play point in a pinch, but the Kings don’t really have a point guard under contract for next season. This is a problem.

Just about everyone is predicting that the Kings will use one of their lottery picks on a point guard, but the Kings should bring a veteran in. Considering the fact that Vlade Divac didn’t trade Collison or Lawson at the deadline, I’ve always assumed that bringing one, or both of them back next season was at least on the table.

Collison was a guest on The Drive 1140 this morning, and expressed his interest in re-signing with the Kings.

Collison’s history challenges me. He pleaded guilty to a domestic violence charge earlier this year, and while many have reported that he is a good locker room guy despite that incident, it’s hard to forgive what he did in an era where the Kings are putting a premium on character guys. Or so they say.

I don’t want to go too far down this particular rabbit hole, because lord knows we’ve been down that road before, but it’s a necessary mention here. It’s part of the Darren Collison package.

On the court, he’s a perfect fit for what the Kings should be looking for. A good veteran point guard who can start or come off the bench. He can play off the ball. He’s exactly the kind of guard you want on your team while you’re developing a rookie guard to take his spot.

For discussions sake, I’d prefer him over Ty Lawson if the Kings are looking to sign one of them. If he wants to stay in Sacramento, that’ll only help Vlade negotiate the best deal possible.

Should the Kings bring Collison back? What’s the best contract you’d be comfortable signing him to? I’m asking myself that same question.