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Reno Bighorns rebrand to match Kings

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The Bighorns colors and scheme now match Sacramento’s

Reno Bighorns

The Reno Bighorns announced Wednesday that they have updated their color scheme to match that of the Sacramento Kings. The overall branding remains mostly unchanged, but the team will now use the familiar Kings purple as their primary color. I also like the little crown dotting the “i” in Bighorns.

The Kings have had an exclusive partnership with the Bighorns since 2013, but officially purchased the team in October 2016.

While the change to the color scheme isn’t unexpected, I have to admit that the previous green-centric scheme worked really well. But it makes sense to align the two clubs as the Kings continue to utilize the Bighorns more and more for their player development.

Last season the Kings used the Bighorns to develop Skal Labissiere, Malachi Richardson, and Georgios Papagiannis. That time in Reno paid off when the rookies eventually saw playing time for the Kings.