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Bogdan Bogdanovic carries his team to Game 2 victory

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After a career-night in Game 1, Bogdanovic played even better in Game 2.

Basketball - Olympics: Day 14 Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

If these are Bogdan Bogdanovic’s last games in Europe before coming to the NBA, he’s going out with a bang. After dropping 23 points in the first game of this playoff series against Panathanaikos, Bogdanovic had an even better performance in Game 2, scoring 25 points on 10 of 15 from the field (5 of 8 from three) to go with 8 rebounds, 6 assists and a block.

Perhaps most impressive about Bogdanovic’s performance is that his team was trailing most of the game and he was a big reason they were able to stay in it and win.

Speaking of Bogdanovic’s assists, could there be some in the Kings who think he has the ability to play Point Guard at the next level? Carmichael Dave seems to think so. In a recent reader mailbag, he says this regarding Bogdanovic:

What I CAN see happening is Bogdonovic handling the ball. Word has it that the Kings are so impressed with his handles, that unless a massive name drops to them, they may not draft a point guard at all, re-signing one or both of Darren Collison and Ty Lawson, while also allowing Bogdonovic to handle the ball quite a bit as well.

Assist numbers tend not to get too high in European basketball. For instance, the league’s leader this season, Milos Teodosic, averaged only 7.15 a game. Bogdanovic averaged 4, second on his team behind Kostas Sloukas (4.62) and 16th in the league overall. Bogdanovic clearly has an advanced handle and good vision for a shooting guard, but he’s definitely a shooting guard first and foremost. Still, given that the Kings already have two other young SGs in Buddy Hield and Malachi Richardson, as well as a vet in Garrett Temple, I can definitely see them experimenting with Bogdan at the Point.

Bogdanovic and Fenerbahce will have a chance to close out their series in a clean sweep on April 25th at home.