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On Optimism and Cynicism

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Being a fan of this team is a balancing act

NBA: Denver Nuggets at Sacramento Kings Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

In the past week, the Sacramento Kings parted ways with Roland Beech, replaced him with Luke Bornn, and hired Scott Perry to oversee day-to-day front office duties, reporting directly to Vlade Divac. In response to these moves, some fans have expressed optimism, other cynicism, and others a mixture of both. When it comes to the Kings, there's no right or wrong way to react to a move.

I argued against trading DeMarcus Cousins for years. I was stunned when the team actually traded him after years of flirting with the idea. After the trade, I found myself enjoying the Kings more than I had in years. And yet I still worry for the future because we've seen young promise before.

The Kings have tormented their fans for years. After suffering through the Maloofs and the relocation saga, Kings fans were ready to believe in the new ownership. I've talked myself into Michael Malone, Pete D’Alessandro, Vivek Ranadive, Chris Mullin, George Karl, Dean Oliver, Roland Beech, Ken Catanella, Vlade Divac, and Dave Joerger. And yet none of them have lifted the Kings beyond the status of a punchline.

I’m optimistic by nature, and I still hold out hope that someday the Kings will be good again. But I feel that experience with this franchise has taught me the importance of questioning moves and looking for signs of trouble. I don't fault anyone who has a sunnier disposition than I do about this team, nor do I question those who are more jaded than I am.

Being a fan of this team involves varying spells of both extremes. We're all in this together though. We’ll continue to debate and dissect each move. But along the way we should remember that there's no wrong way to be a Kings fan.

At least, there's no wrong way to be a Kings fan until we're good again and all the Warriors fans are trying to hop on our bandwagon.