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2016-17 Nostradumbass of the Year

OnTheBandwagon is your new prognosticator extraordinaire.

Brexit - Focus On The Regions Which Voted leave Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images

You all thought I forgot about this didn’t you? Well I didn’t forget! I just was too lazy to write it up... until now!

For the fifth consecutive year (jeez we’ve been doing this a while now) we have a new Nostradumbass of the Year, our prognosticator extraordinaire. PejaVu2 valiantly tried to retain his crown but was surpassed by our new winner, OnTheBandwagon by a score of 230 to 224. As is tradition OnTheBandwagon now receives the ultimate prize... GIFs! The following GIFs reliably fit his username of being “on the bandwagon”.

The final tally can be viewed here. Thanks to all of you who have participated and ensured this contest remains active. I'd be remiss if I didn't acknowledge the true heroes of the contest, The Crown Royal Gentleman and his wife, who take time out of their lives to tally up all your scores and update the spreadsheet in a timely manner.

Until next season!