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NBA Playoffs open thread - Thursday, April 27 + NFL Draft thread

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Playoffs, baby

Milwaukee Bucks v Toronto Raptors - Game Five Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

NBA Playoffs open thread time!

Toronto Raptors at Milwaukee Bucks | Game 6


The Raptors got their groove back! Now holding a 3-2 series lead, the dinosaurs will attempt to finish off their series against the deer.

San Antonio Spurs at Memphis Grizzlies | Game 6

6:30 PM PT

Both teams have held home court in this series, and the Spurs go into Memphis with a 3-2 series lead. Can Kawhi Leonard and company finish it out, or can Mike Conley and the Grizzlies force a game 7?

***Bonus Thread Topic***

The NFL Draft is tonight. Feel free to discuss that here as well. It starts at 5 PM PT. SBNation also has you covered with extensive Draft coverage, if you’re into that sort of thing.