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Four years ago, the Kings stayed

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An anniversary worth celebrating

Los Angeles Lakers v Sacramento Kings Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

Today marks the four-year anniversary of the Sacramento Kings officially staying in Sacramento. We've dealt with plenty of ups and downs since then. But we've dealt with those swings as fans of the Sacramento Kings.

This team often makes me hate myself for being a fan of theirs, but I still feel like this is an anniversary worth remembering and celebrating. Even as we stare down a new rebuilding effort, and questions about the team’s ownership and management, it's still nice to know that we're experiencing all this for our team.

It's particularly fun to remember this anniversary after the Kings have just finished their inaugural season in their amazing new arena. The arena that was a distant dream for so many years. The arena that critics said would never happen. And the arena in the middle of a downtown rejuvenation that skeptics told us we were fools for expecting.

Happy four year anniversary, Kings fans.

Here We Stayed.


Hat tip to HueristicLineup for pointing this out on twitter.