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NBA playoffs open thread - Sunday, April 30th

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An early start to playoff action

Washington Wizards v Atlanta Hawks - Game Six Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

One series begins as another ends. It's an early day for the playoffs, but the games should be good.

Washington Wizards at Boston Celtics | Game 1

10 AM PT

Round two kicks off with what should be a good game. Both teams struggled to put away their first-round opponents, but the second round may prove to be better matchups.

Utah Jazz at Los Angeles Clippers | Game 7

12:30 PM PT

Chris Paul has carried the Clippers in this series. It's been truly incredible. But this series has been unpredictable and he Jazz just need one good day. I'd pick the Clippers if I was betting, but I won't be surprised by any outcome here.