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I'm sold on Buddy Hield

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Work ethic, attitude, and performance make it easy to like Buddy

NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at Sacramento Kings Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

James Ham of NBC Sports Bay Area caught up with Sacramento Kings shooting guard Buddy Hield, and talked to him about his mindset following the February trade that brought Buddy to Sacramento. There's nothing earth-shattering from Buddy, but the quotes inside just reaffirmed for me how much in bought in on this kid.

“When you get traded, it’s like a wake up (call),” Hield told NBC Sports California. “First time it happened to me, first year it was like, okay, maybe what I was doing wasn’t good enough for the team to keep me. So you go into your own element and try to make yourself better.”

From the moment Buddy arrived in Sacramento, we heard about his work ethic, the three workouts per day, the neverending drive to improve. And it's driven by a humility and appreciation for his opportunity.

“I wear down, but there’s a drive to keep me going,” Hield said. “Just knowing my struggles to get here, how long the process was of me getting to the NBA. That’s what keeps me going. I get tired, but I know where I came from and how hard it was to get here. I just can’t give up.”

Buddy has weaknesses in his game, weaknesses he’s well aware of. Effort alone won't fix those issues, but it's the key first step. We've seen guys show in the past and talk big about working to improve, but Buddy has the track record to show he works hard and gets results.

It remains to be seen how good Buddy can become, but I'll be rooting for him.