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WWE wrestler rocks awesome Kings-themed costume

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Kassius Ohno’s costume was pretty sweet

Corliss Williamson

I know nothing about WWE. I haven’t really watched wrestling since the glory days of the WCW and nWo. But sometimes the wrestling world crosses over with the NBA. Karl Malone teamed up with Diamond Dallas Paige to fight Dennis Rodman and Hulk Hogan, once upon a time. And now, Kassius Ohno has crossed over, rocking a custom uniform inspired by Sacramento Kings jerseys of old.

Here is my Kings-centric analysis of what’s in that clip:

  • I like Kassius’ intro music
  • I like his uniform (outfit? ensemble?)
  • The rest of these folks should also have NBA-themed costumes
  • I have literally no idea what is happening here other than a dude wearing something that looks like old Kings uniforms

Inspired by this, I have a very important discussion topic for us today. Which Sacramento Kings player would be favored in a battle royale featuring all Kings players? Second topic is the same question, but only using the current roster.