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Will Langston Galloway pick up his player option?

Rudy Gay isn’t the only one who has to make a major decision this summer.

Sacramento Kings v Los Angeles Clippers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

We’ve talked a lot about Rudy Gay’s player option already, but the Kings have another option coming up in Langston Galloway (don’t ask us when the deadline is, it’s sometime this summer ok!?). Galloway has a $5.4 million option that he could pick up or he could decide to test free agency.

James Ham has indicated on his podcast recently that he believes Galloway will opt in, which is interesting to me because when you look at it, there just doesn’t seem to be much playing time available for the veteran guard, even without necessarily knowing what the roster will look like next year.

Despite his small stature, Galloway doesn’t possess the playmaking ability to be a lead guard and is essentially an undersized SG. That puts him in competition for minutes with guys like Buddy Hield, Malachi Richardson, Garrett Temple and potentially Bogdan Bogdanovic.

The Kings also have three potential draft picks this year, two in the lottery and one in the early second round. The lottery is more full of guards this year than ever, and it seems highly probable that the Kings will wind up with at least one. Then there’s the possibility of re-signing one of Darren Collison or Ty Lawson (if not both) or even signing another PG in Free Agency.

Galloway can be a valuable player for another team as well. He’s got one very legitimate NBA skill, and that’s shooting the ball. He shot 47.5% from three in limited minutes with the Kings, and for his career he’s at about 36.6% (including a very good 39.0% for all of last season, including his time with the Pelicans). There’s always a market for shooters in the NBA, and it might be worth it for Galloway to look for a place where he might get more opportunity to showcase his skills. The Kings are settling in for a rebuild, and the youth will be on full display; I just don’t see where Galloway in any way gets major playing time this year.

But it’s also very likely that Galloway wouldn’t get nearly the same amount of money in free agency as he would by picking up his option. He’s not the type of free agent that teams go out of their way to get, and if he does opt out, he could risk settling for a minimum contract anyway, playing out the year for much less than he could have been making in Sacramento.

It’s a tough decision either way, but if he does stick around, I just can’t see him becoming a major part of the rotation unless a couple injuries hit our backcourt. This team is building for the long term, and Galloway doesn’t seem to be part of that future.