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The Golden 1 Center will have a secret tunnel entrance

But will it live up to the legacy of the clown tunnel?

NBA: Minnesota Timberwolves at Sacramento Kings Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

When the Sacramento Kings were saved from relocation, it was based on a promise of a new arena (delivered) and redevelopment downtown (in progress). A big part of that downtown development will be The Sawyer, a luxury hotel/condos directly across from the Golden 1 Center in the Downtown Commons. I assume most Sactown Royalty readers were already planning on putting down millions of dollars for one of these condos, but just in case you were on the fence (only because of living preferences, not because of the cost), The Sawyer will have a “secret tunnel” into the Golden 1 Center, according to a report from Bloomberg.

First, I think “secret” is the wrong descriptor for a tunnel you’re discussing in Bloomberg. Private tunnel is probably more accurate. But still, I think the tunnel thing is cool. I know I prefer to take in a Kings game without needing to interact with the general public. You never know what kind of awful people might be in that crowd. Section, Akis, BTE? Imagine running into them at a Kings game. *shudder*

But I also like the continued tradition of random secret tunnels in the home of the Kings. Arco Arena was going to have a secret tunnel running to the baseball diamond that never fully materialized. The partially completed tunnel became a weird catch-all storage area, and had some odd clown artwork, leftover from when the circus was in town.

I think I speak for all Kings fans, as well as all future bidders for residence at The Sawyer, when I say I hope the new tunnel maintains the aesthetic of the clown cave at Arco Arena.