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NBA Playoffs Open Thread - Tuesday, May 2nd

The Wizards can’t handle the tooth

Washington Wizards v Boston Celtics - Game One
Isaiah Thomas drives against Kevin Fippin
Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Who wants to watch some playoffs?

Washington Wizards at Boston Celtics | Game 2

5:00 PM PT

In Game 1, Isaiah Thomas lost a tooth! It was crazy. Also he put up a crazy good stat line and the Celtics took a 1-0 series lead, but that’s far less important. If you have ever lost a tooth (not counting baby teeth), please tell the story below. Also, share stories of particularly entertaining times you lost a baby tooth, if you’d like. Basically I’m here for all of your tooth stories.

Game 1 of this series was actually pretty good. I think it should be a pretty fun series start to finish.

Utah Jazz at Golden State Warriors | Game 1

7:30 PM PT

The Warriors are probably going to win this series easily. They may even sweep the Jazz. But Utah is a team that’s build in a way that could cause problems. If Utah can land a big win, I think it would be in Game 1. The Warriors will be rested, though, especially considering the lack of nightlife in Salt Lake City.