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De’Aaron Fox’s draft stock may be rising

Kings fans have fallen in love with Fox, but will he still be available at 5?

Kentucky v North Carolina Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

From the moment the Sacramento Kings landed the 5th seed, a large portion of Kings fans fell in love with the idea of De’Aaron Fox. He represents a great combination of talent, fitting a roster need, and projected availability at the Kings pick. But is Fox’s star going to rise in the next few weeks?

But before the panic overtakes us all, lets get some additional perspective.

Both of these reports can be true. The first report is simply about lottery teams. That could mean the Orlando Magic, or the Minnesota Timberwolves, who don’t impact the Kings. One of those teams could be the Kings themselves. Or this could all just be posturing to get a team like the Kings to try to trade up.

Basically, there’s nothing worth panicking over right now, but it’s worth keeping an eye on over the coming weeks as workouts begin.