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Justin Jackson says Kings would be a ‘great situation’

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The Kings hosted a pre-draft workout that was highlighted by Justin Jackson, Frank Mason and Jordan Bell.

North Carolina - Media Availability Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

The Sacramento Kings hosted a pre-draft workout Wednesday highlighted by North Carolina standout Justin Jackson, who could be picked anywhere from the 10 spot on in this year’s NBA Draft.

The workout, which featured 12 players, was broken into two groups. Group 1 featured Jackson, Jordan Bell of Oregon and Frank Mason of Kansas.

The prospects spent some time with the media following the workout. Here are some excerpts.

Justin Jackson (SF, 6’8’’ 200 lbs.)

What he could bring to the Kings:

“I feel like I could bring a bigger wing that can bring some shooting. Defensively, I think I can do some things with my length and my height. I feel like I can do some pretty good things.”

What he thinks about the opportunity in Sacramento with the 10th pick:

“Being picked in the NBA, no matter what the draft pick is, is a dream come true. Let alone being top 10 and coming to an organization like this and a setup like this. So, no matter who picks me, it’s going to be a blessing and honor for sure.”

What he thinks about the Kings roster:

“For me, being a small forward, it’s definitely appealing. They’ve definitely got some good guards and they’ve got some at two, they’ve got a couple threes. For me, it’s definitely very appealing and if I get picked by them it would definitely be a great situation, I feel like.”

Frank Mason (G, 5’11’’ 190 lbs.)

What he thinks of the Kings roster:

“A lot of good players, a good coaching staff, good owners, GMs and I think their program is on the rise.”

What teams are most intrigued by:

“My toughness - I think that’s what every team has been intrigued on from me and I just want to continue to do that and show who I am.”

On having workouts with multiple teams (this was his fifth with five or six more to go):

“It really doesn’t matter, I’m just trying to get in front of every team that I can to impress them and show what I’m capable of and hopefully, everything else will take care of itself.”

Jordan Bell (F, 6’9’’ 225 lbs.)

On his defense:

“Defending perimeter, inside, being able to switch screens one through five, blocking shots, being a pest on defense and rebounding the ball.” “I think defense is one thing that translates well into the NBA. It’s all about effort, really.” “I came from football so my thing was always just being the toughest dude on the floor and just giving maximum effort every single time I step on the floor.”

Feedback from the Kings:

“They said they liked who I am. They liked even more that I know who I am and I play to my strengths. I don’t try to change my game depending on the games, I just keep on playing the same.”

On the Kings roster:

“I think it’s good. They have some good pieces here – a lot of good, young players. I’ve seen Buddy [Hield] working out before. So, I think they have all the pieces they just need to figure it out and put all the pieces to fit the puzzle.”

Expect more pre-draft workouts soon for the Kings.