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The MailSac: Anxious about the Draft

As we take readers’ questions, everyone seems to be focused on the upcoming draft.

NBA: Houston Rockets at Sacramento Kings Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, you asked a bunch of questions. Today, I try my best to answer them. Sorry if I didn’t get to your question, some of them I just didn’t have a good answer for and some of them were too broad.

Q: Suppose the Kings don’t draft a SF, what should we do to deal with the SF position? - HongKongKingsFan

A: I’d imagine there would be a few ways. One, the Kings could try trading for an overpaid SF from a team looking to get out of a bad contract and getting an asset back in return. Guys like Luol Deng, DeMarre Carroll, etc. Another option is to do something similar to what the Kings did with Arron Afflalo and Anthony Tolliver last year and sign guys to decent-sized two year deals with the majority of the second year being unguaranteed money. But I’d be really surprised if the Kings don’t get at least one young SF with two lottery picks and an early 2nd rounder.

Q: What is your estimated date for the next Sacramento Kings playoff game preview post? - section214

A: Oh geez. I would hope by at least 2020.

Q: Who do you see as more of a challenge for Golden State in the playoffs: Boston or Cleveland? - Klam

A: Boston might not even make it out of the second round but even if they did I don’t see them doing anything to Cleveland. The Cavs have not only beaten the Warriors in the Finals already, they’ve played them there two years in a row (and held a 2-1 lead the first time too). Now the Warriors are different this year with Kevin Durant in tow, and they’ll once again be the clear favorites, but Cleveland’s the only threat in the East. When you have LeBron James, you always have a chance.

Q: If the Kings sign Derrick Rose and/or Jeff Green, am I allowed to take a fan hiatus? - KingsfanLeo

A: If you haven’t taken a fan hiatus by now, I’m not sure why Rose and/or Green would put you over the top.

Q: What’s our biggest positions of need and who are the best prospects to fill them? - Steven Cheng

A: Biggest positions of need are PG, SF and Star. The Kings have none of those things. Fultz is the clearcut winner for the Kings but there is almost no way for the Kings to draft him. Josh Jackson and Jayson Tatum are the best prospects at SF, but it’s also unlikely the Kings get either of those guys. The good thing about this draft though is that there are a lot of guys in the top-10 who seemingly have “star potential” and many of them are at those positions of need.

Q: If the Kings move up the #4 spot, would you rather take a SF (Tatum/Isaac) or a PG (DSJ/Fox) assuming Fultz, Ball and Jackson are all taken? - DTG13

A: I really think the Kings need to get a quality young PG of the future, but at this point the Kings should go with who they think is going to be the best player. They need someone they think can become a franchise centerpiece.

Q: Last year a lot of Kings fans wanted Kris Dunn, the only projected upper-tier PG, to fall to us. How would you rank Dunn if he were included in this year’s PGs? - gregsactly

A: I’ve interacted with a lot of Minnesota fans on Twitter and the consensus seems to be that they’re already regretting the Dunn pick and it’s not hard to see why. He averaged just 3.8 points, 2.4 assists and shot just 37.7% from the field. He also was an older rookie at 22 years old, meaning most fans were hoping he’d make more of an immediate impact. I’m not sure I’d give up either the 8th or 10th pick for Dunn this year after seeing how little of an impact he was able to have in his rookie year.

Q: So what will you do when the Kings come out of this draft with only the #7 pick after New Orleans jumps into the Top 3 and Sixers swap with the Kings? - Dub_TC

A: Ban you.

Q: Future for Buddy Hield: Starter or 6th Man? - LaBradford

A: Well for the foreseeable future, he’s a starter. Buddy came on really strong after getting traded to Sacramento and getting the ball in his hands and he’ll probably end up being Sacramento’s go-to guy next season. He was able to thrive in Oklahoma as the main guy but we’ll also see teams focus more on stopping him. Hopefully he’s able to adapt. If he doesn’t, then 6th man is probably his ceiling.

Q: Collison or Lawson? Or both? Or none? - LaBradford

A: I’m honestly for bringing neither of them back but if I had to choose one, I’d pick Collison. He’s a better defender and outside shooter.

Q: What is going on with Jerry Reynolds as TV broadcaster? - yaboyrafa

A: It’s clear that Doug Christie is being groomed as Jerry’s eventual replacement but my understanding is that Jerry won’t be completely gone until Jerry wants to be gone.

Q: Everyone but Vivek acknowledges that Vivek is a big problem. The Knicks have an excuse - Jimmy Dolan is the majority owner. But that’s not the case in Sacramento. Why has no change in management occurred? How much longer must we fans put up with this? - betweentheeyes

A: I think it has a lot do with the fact that it’s not particularly easy to remove Vivek as chairman when the franchise is actually performing pretty well on the business side. Sure, the basketball product isn’t great, but the new arena’s been built, ticket and merch sales are doing great, and the team’s making money. It’s hard to remove someone unless it’s affecting the bottom line. That could happen sooner than later though if the team doesn’t start improving on the court.

Q: Since we don’t know exactly where our 1st round pick(s) will be, who do you like at 34? - airmaxpg

A: I haven’t done too much research on the second round yet, but here’s a few names I’d consider (in no particular order): Monte Morris, Dillon Brooks, Devin Robinson, Jonathan Jeanne, Semi Ojeleye, and Jawun Evans.

Thank you everyone for your questions. Feel free to leave your own answers in the comments. If you ever have a question for a future mailbag, just e-mail us at