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NBA Draft Rumor: Celtics and Sixers in trade talks for #1 pick

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This would be a major shakeup in the draft, but how would it affect the Kings?

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We could be in for a major draft shakeup. Per reports from ESPN and Adrian Wojnarowski, the Celtics and 76ers are in advanced talks on a trade involving the #1 pick in the draft.

While no firm details have been released as of yet, it’s almost certain that Philadelphia would be sending the #3 pick along with additional picks to Boston.

If this trade goes through, and it seems highly possible given the fact that both teams seem to be in advanced stages, Markelle Fultz would still almost certainly go #1. Boston has reportedly been enamored with Josh Jackson and Jayson Tatum, and moving from #1 suggests they wouldn’t necessarily want to add another PG to their roster at #3, potentially leaving De’Aaron Fox and/or Lonzo Ball on the table for the Suns and Kings.

However, Boston could be using the picks that they receive in this trade to flip in a trade for Jimmy Butler or Paul George, and then the draft would really be thrown in flux.

We’ll keep you updated as further news breaks.