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NBA Draft: Sacramento Kings select De’Aaron Fox with the 5th pick.

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Vlade Divac has found his future point guard.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Second Round-Kentucky vs Wichita State Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

With the fifth pick in the NBA draft, the Sacramento Kings have selected De’Aaron Fox.

The former Kentucky standout has long been a favorite of Kings fans, due to the positional need he fills, as well as his seemingly positive relationship with the organization, and his strong leadership skills.

Fox should immediately find himself in the starting lineup come October as Sacramento has lacked a true number one option at point guard since a player not to be named was traded back in 2014. He’s a freak athlete who loves to hound opposing guards on the defensive end, and his distribution skills are solid if unspectacular, but just like with every high pick this year, he’s not without some major skill gaps as well.

The Dragon Ball Z loving point guard struggles to knock down outside shots and his three-point percentage and number of attempts from beyond the arc were both severely lacking in his single season of college basketball. His weight may also cause issues early in his career with his weight at a disconcertingly low 176 pounds even though he’s a taller point guard, measuring 6’ 4”. Opposing defenses could give him trouble simply by bumping him in the paint to throw him off his stride. He’ll certainly need to slowly add some muscle throughout his career.

While De’Aaron Fox certainly has some work to do, and he’s not a perfect player (nor is any rookie), I think this is an absolute home run for the Kings newest version of a Front Office. His locker room presence should have an immediate impact on our young core, he’s dedicated to both ends of the court, and if his jump shot develops in the next few years, he has one of the highest ceilings of any prospect selected tonight. The King did the exact right thing by not trying to do anything fancy with the fifth overall pick.

For deeper analysis on Fox, go take a look at Bryant West’s scouting report.

The Kings still have the 10th and 34th picks in the draft, so stay tuned for more updates and analysis throughout the night.

Welcome to Sacramento, De’Aaron!