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NBA Draft Rumors: The Kings are fielding offers for the 10th pick from multiple teams

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Let’s the madness commence!

Basketball - Olympics: Day 16 Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Buried in Chad Ford’s most recent mock draft, ESPN’s draft expert reported that multiple teams are trying to land the 10th pick in the 2017 NBA Draft, currently held by your Sacramento Kings.

Via Chad Ford, ESPN -

It's also worth noting that a number of teams are trying to trade for this pick from the Kings, including the Lakers, Spurs and Knicks.

The 10th pick is this years honorary ‘drop spot’. Mock drafts have no idea where the Kings are leaning with this pick, largely because it’s the 10th pick in a 10-ish player draft. Someone is going to drop to that spot, it’s just a matter of who. It’s a deep draft, and #10 is right on the edge of where that depth reaches.

Those teams are of particular interest because we’ve heard some trade rumblings and/or speculation around all of them. The Lakers are trying to shed salary, and find assets to trade for Paul George or Jimmy Butler. The Spurs are trying to unload LaMarcus Aldridge, and potentially Danny Green. And the Knicks... the Knicks are knee-deep in Kristaps Porzingis drama. They are all active right now.

The honest truth is, nobody knows anything. Rumors and speculation are flying around at an unheard of pace, and you can add this little draft nugget to all the rest of the noise. If nothing else, it’s nice to hear that the Kings have a valuable asset, and multiple suitors. I don’t necessarily love anyone projected to be available at #10, but if another team does, it could spell good news for Sacramento.