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NBA Draft Rumors: Kings won’t trade 5th pick, might trade 10th pick

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The Kings could trade down to get another player

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Confirming what seemed to be the direction the team was headed, the always reliable Sam Amick is reporting that the Kings will stay pat at the 5th pick in the NBA Draft. However, Amick reports that the 10th pick could be involved in talks.

But before you panic thinking this could be about Andre Drummond, Amick puts that rumor to rest.

Unfortunately we don’t know who the Kings could be trading down to acquire, but at last check John Salmons isn’t currently signed to an NBA roster. Still, we should remain vigilant.

I think it’s smart of the Kings to make the pick available in talks, but they should be holding out until they see who is actually available with the 10th pick. While most of the Kings assumed targets are expected to go in the top 9, it only takes one surprise for the Kings to find themselves with a potentially great player at 10.