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Buddy Hield’s work ethic is incredible

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Buddy’s drive to succeed is never going to be a question mark.

NBA: Houston Rockets at Sacramento Kings Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

When the Kings traded for Buddy Hield there were certain unknowns. After a slow start in New Orleans, could Buddy find success at the NBA level? Could he defend, could he handle the ball? He had a great run after being traded to Sacramento and answered a lot of those questions. But one thing that was never a question was Hield’s work ethic. Buddy improved every year at Oklahoma, and stories of his work ethic and drive to improve continue to come through.

Nobody would have thought twice about Buddy participating in a Basketball Without Borders camp in his home country, but Buddy was concerned about preparing for Summer League. There are guys who train in the offseason, there are bona fide gym rats, and then there’s Buddy Hield. This kid is on a whole different level.

It’s impossible to predict Buddy’s ceiling as a player. But Kings fans can at least be confident that whatever his ceiling is, Buddy will reach it. I love that the Kings have a guy like this on the roster.