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Constructing an all-time Kings roster

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Who would you pick?

Vlade Divac and Chris Webber laugh

NBA 2K18 is going to have a cool new feature this year, with all 30 teams having an all-time greats roster. The best players from a franchise’s history all playing together.

We normally don’t pay much attention to video game news around here, but this gives us an opportunity to talk about all-time rosters, which is pretty fun offseason fodder.

It’s unclear whether this will include rosters based just on current location (ie Sacramento era only), or if it will truly be all-time. I’m guessing it will be all-time.

I’m not the best historian of the Kings, but I’d guess the starters would be:

PG - Oscar Robertson

SG - Mitch Richmond

SF- Peja Stojakovic

PF - Chris Webber

C - DeMarcus Cousins

And then 8 bench guys selecting from the likes of Mike Bibby, Jack Twyman, Ron Artest, Vlade Divac, Reggie Theus, Jason Williams, Doug Christie, Wayman Tisdale, Isaiah Thomas, Tiny Archibald, or Tyreke Evans.

So who makes the cut on your 13-man roster?