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NBA 2K18 to feature the 01-02 Kings as a classic team

Relive the glory years.

Mavericks v Kings Photo by Jed Jacobsohn /Getty Images

Ever wonder how the 2001-02 Kings would do against today’s Warriors? Well thanks to NBA 2K18, you can go ahead and match those two teams up. This year in the NBA 2K series, 2K is bringing 16 classic teams to the game, one of which was announced to be our favorite purple and black attired squad.

Judging by the background there’s also the classic ARCO Arena court scheme to play on as well. The last time these Kings were featured in an NBA 2K game was in NBA 2K12, which we reviewed back then.

Not only are the 01-02 Kings in the game, but each team in the game also features an “All-Time” team consisting of some of the best players in Franchise history. For the Kings that means guys like Oscar Robertson, Jack Twyman, and Beno Udrih.

NBA 2K18 comes out for all major consoles and PC on September 19th, 2017.