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Sactown Quiz Crown #1

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How well do you know your Sacramento Kings?

2017 Las Vegas Summer League - Sacramento Kings v Milwaukee Bucks Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Babygiraffe journal entry 8/1/2017: Well, we’ve officially entered the doldrums of the NBA offseason. There hasn’t been a free agency signing in days. The Woj bombs have dropped off the radar. Summer League is over and the hot takes over performances have grown ice cold.

The crew here at STR is slowly going mad. Akis has already spent all of the Vivek funds that we put away for our summer hiatus, Greg is retweeting jokes from 2012, section actually put pants on, Bryant ran away to Alaska, and Tony is fighting his 43rd case of norovirus from Chipotle. Meanwhile, we “accidently” lost Brad and Kevin on our group cruise to the Bahamas, and Omer is suing all of us.

62 long, hard days remain until we can over-analyze meaningless preseason basketball.

What can I do to keep myself sane?!

Why, let’s create a few quizzes for the masses!

Over the next few days, we’ll be launching tests of your Kings knowledge. Today’s assessment deals with the last 10 years of Sacramento basketball, also referred to as ‘misery realized’.

Click the link to start the quiz and post your results in the comments below!