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Kevin Garnett credits Chris Webber as a player he admired

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High praise from a former rival

Kings v Timberwolves

When we think of the glory days of the Sacramento Kings, the rival that most often comes to mind is the Los Angeles Lakers. But the Kings also had some great battles with the Minnesota Timberwolves in the early 2000s, with the marquee matchup of Chris Webber vs Kevin Garnett.

Now we get to revisit those great matchups, as Kevin Garnett is crediting Webber as one of the guys he admired and looked up to in the league. The comments come from NBA 2k18, where Garnett and Kobe Bryant serve as guest commentators during games. The full comments, which you’ll surely grow tired of hearing over and over as you play the game, are as follows (via, after being asked about his influences.

Magic Johnson, obviously Michael Jordan, and then Chris Webber,” said Garnett. “When I first met Webb, I was a little bit star struck. Him and Michael Jordan, and Shaq, a little bit.”

These days Webber doesn’t often get mentioned with the likes of Jordan or Shaq, so it’s cool seeing him get the respect from a legend who played against him.