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Scouting the Kings based on 4 screenshots from NBA 2k18

Let’s get a sneak preview of the Kings

We’re still a ways away from training camp and preseason, so the pickings are slim when it comes to ways to analyze the upcoming season for the Sacramento Kings. Because of this, we’re going to be scouting the Kings using the best resource available: four screenshots from NBA 2k18. Operation Sports has a post analyzing different gameplay features, and that may be of interest to some of you, but I’m more concerned with four screenshots taken from those videos, and what concrete conclusions we can draw about the upcoming season for the Kings.

These screenshots come courtesy Derek Reed, aka @SactownKings916.

So let’s break these down one at a time.

Oh snap! Skal Labissiere is wide open. He is going to average like 50 points per game this season. Kings are making the playoffs!

In a bold move, the Kings are going to play De’Aaron Fox, George Hill, and Buddy Hield all at the same time, and will give primary ball handling duties to Hield. You’re crazy for this one, Joerger! Hield doesn’t even realized he’s doubled and that Fox is wide open.

Also, Zach Randolph’s conditioning is a major problem. C’mon Z-Bo! Hustle!

Oh god the offense is completely broken. Skal Labissiere is 23 feet from the basket, even though we know that he will be completely open if he stands under the basket! This season is quickly falling apart. And why are Skal and Willie Cauley-Stein both playing the perimeter? Fire Joerger!

Oh god. Again we see this broken offense. What is George Hill doing? Why is the ball in the corner? Why isn’t Skal down low?!


Bet the under folks. This scouting is airtight and it does not paint a pretty picture. Coach Joerger doesn’t know how to use Skal, Buddy Hield plays point guard full time, George Hill is the small forward, cats and dogs living together! Looks like another year of Kangz basketball.