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Sactown Quiz Crown #2

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The Vivek Era

NBA: Denver Nuggets at Sacramento Kings Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Babygiraffe journal entry 8/4/2017: Well, most people seemed to enjoy the quiz the other day. It’s amazing how many people chose a player’s Celtics performance in a KINGS quiz!

The crew is slowly beginning to recover their humanity after the results. Thankfully, section has decided to remove his pants from the equation and Brad and Kevin still haven’t turned up, so that’s been a huge relief. Akis is demanding more readership, so I’m considering making up rumors about a De’Aaron Fox for Kyrie Irving trade, but those are truly last resorts. Meanwhile, Greg was last seen crying in the corner, surrounded by dirty diapers, and Tony is on another Chipotle run.

Let’s try another quiz and see if anyone does a bit better.

Today, for your viewing pleasure, we have the Sactown Crown Quiz #2: The Vivek Era.

Enjoy the test, and be sure to post your results in the comments below!