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30Q: Who Will be the Most Photogenic King This Season?

Who will look the best in photos?

Hello Sactown Royals! Brad told me to call you that.

Let’s get right down to business. Given the changes in the roster, I need some help focusing up for #Lensface this season. Who do you think will be the most photogenic King?

The first candidate is Vince Carter. It’s Vincent effing Carter. In a Kings uniform. What? Awesome.

He’s one of the favorites. Hopefully he can be our Old Man Logan.

The second candidate is Pokemon Master Vlade Divac. He’s adopted Geoff Petrie’s stoic and static positioning in the tunnel for observing the games. Shout out to the Vladfather - he always gives me a gracious head-nod when he sees me. I won’t need my camera - I’ll be able to paint with oil on canvas and be done by half-time.

The third candidate is Garrett Temple. I mean, just look at those chops.

Temple might just be aware of the camera.

Keep setting me up, man!


Georgios Papagiannis is our next contestant. People have been calling him the Greek Peak, so it’s fitting that his photos will be the home of a God.

Skal Labissiere - The man knows how to take a selfie.

IG: skal_lab

Here’s a player who really displays how hard he plays, so it’s easy to get effective frames of his work.

Not a fair trade in terms of biceps and bicep potential.

De’Aaron Fox has to be in the running. I’m a bit worried he’ll be to quick to track on a 200m. I’ll have to use a 100m when he’s on the floor! I rarely have to use a specific lens for a player! Jiminy Snicket! (Related to Lemony).


Carmichael Dave Eating Something. This could be an MVP candidate depending on if Dave enjoys the delicious concessions at the ineffable Golden 1 Center at his seat, in the media area, or at the amazing skyview bar on the top level. Nobody paid me to write this, I just really enjoy the office environment.

The Yeti and Carmichael Dave nomming in the same shot? Pulitzer.

Fan submissions welcome all season long!

And now the runaway favorite - Slamson!

Golden curls.

Making sure the game is officiated correctly.

Making a child’s experience incredible.

Eating a pangolin.

I think Slamson is my personal favorite to win. What do you Sactown Royals think? Should Brad investigate?

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