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Kings unveil amazing new alternate court

The Lion takes center stage.

from the Sacramento Kings

Last year’s update of the Sacramento Kings logo and jerseys was refreshing and it was only a matter of time before the team started to use some of the other lesser known parts of the rebrand, including the medieval lion that only featured as a small uniform accent before.

The Kings unveiled an awesome looking alternate court today with the lion at the center that will be used at Golden 1 Center during games this season where the team wears their black uniforms. The court is meant to emphasize the team’s global brands, and also comes with some cool customization for India and China, as Kings logos in Hindi and Mandarin will be added to the court for Bollywood night and Lunar New Year respectively.

Just my personal opinion, but this court looks awesome and I wouldn’t even mind if it was the standard court rather than an alternate.

The Kings also said that this will not be the team’s only alternate court this season, but that design will not be revealed until the team’s fourth and final jersey is revealed. That jersey and theme is almost certainly the team’s baby blue throwbacks that they have worn for the past several years.

I can’t wait to see this new court in action. Actual basketball is so close!