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30Q: How much will we see George Hill at shooting guard?

NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Utah Jazz Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

The Sacramento Kings signed George Hill as a veteran point guard who can help anchor the offense and mentor rookie De'Aaron Fox.

Hill is largely considered a point guard, but has a history of not only being pegged as a shooting guard, he grew up hoping to play shooting guard and in 2013 said he is “reluctant” to play point guard, but is happy with it. He’s also been described as a "shooting guard trapped in a point guard's body."

This isn't to say Kings head coach Dave Joerger will slot Hill as the starting two guard – the Kings brought him in to be a point guard with the goal to help Fox develop, after all. Joerger has mentioned the possibility of Hill spending some time there though. This would allow Hill to set up the offense from the two while the rookie gets some on-the-job training on how to harness that speed of his.

Hill is known as a solid defender (nearly 1 steal per game) who can put the ball in the basket (45 percent from the field over his nine-year career and 40 percent from three the last two seasons). He is less known for his play-making abilities, but improved his scoring off the dribble last season with the Jazz. Over his career, he has averaged 3.3 assists with 2014-15 being his highest output at 5.1 assists per game with the Indiana Pacers.

In his first three seasons in the league while with the San Antonio Spurs, Gregg Popovich utilized Hill some at shooting guard next to Tony Parker, which proved he is capable playing alongside another point guard.

The question of how much time Hill could spend at shooting guard isn’t really about whether he is capable though, it is about how many minutes will even be there at the two to allow him to do it. Joerger and the front office need to figure out the core of this team over the next couple of seasons and that means determining what they have in Buddy Hield, Bogdan Bogdanović and Malachi Richardson. Not to mention finding minutes for veteran Garrett Temple. Joerger will also be figuring out the rotation at small forward, so some of these guys will likely spend some time at the three. Hill is slightly undersized for a shooting guard, listed at 6’3’’, the shortest of that group of players, but can defend the position well with a 6-foot-9 wingspan.

Hill is solid, well-rounded basketball player and ultimately, whether he spends some time at shooting guard isn’t the biggest question or concern with the Kings roster this season. But since it may end up being a crucial element to the development of the player the Kings hope is the franchise piece moving forward (Fox), it will certainly be something to watch closely.

I see him playing at the two mainly based on matchups and as a fill-in should someone get injured, depending on how NBA-ready Frank Mason is.