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30Q: Which games are we most looking forward to this season?

From Boogie’s return to LeBron, what’s the game you’re most anticipating?

NBA: Sacramento Kings-Media Day Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

Basketball is so close, you guys. It’s been months since the last time we’ve seen the Kings take the court, and even summer league feels like it happened ages ago. Bogdan Bogdanovic has been good for a fix every now and then thanks to his international play but there’s nothing like the actual season upon us.

There’s a lot to be excited about with regards to this team, even if I don’t think the team will be particularly good. We’ve got more youth than ever, some quality vets (VINCE FREAKING CARTER IS A KING!), and no real expectations aside from getting the young guys as much time as possible.

That being said, there are some games I’m looking forward to more than most.

  1. October 26th vs. New Orleans Pelicans - The return of Boogie. This game is easily the most anticipated among most Kings fans. The Kings revolved around DeMarcus Cousins for seven seasons, and it came as a shock when he was traded last February. This will be the first time he returns to Sacramento and I expect the arena to be rocking even more so than opening night.
  2. November 22nd vs. L.A. Lakers - De’Aaron Fox and Lonzo Ball finally meet in the pros. Sure, we’ll get a taste in preseason, but this time the game will matter. We got robbed of the matchup in Summer League, and both guys will be fired up after their college duels.
  3. October 18th vs. Houston Rockets - The home opener. Normally this’d be higher, but I just can’t help think that we’re going to be skunked by the Rockets. The Rockets under James Harden have been a terrible matchup for the Kings, and now they’ve added Kings-killer Chris Paul to the mix. Still, it’s the home and season opener, and teams usually play their heart out in those games.
  4. December 27th vs. Cleveland Cavaliers - LeBron James is a living legend, and he only comes to town once a year. Plus, with Isaiah Thomas targeting a January comeback from his hip injury, there’s some potential that this could be one of his first games should he come back earlier.
  5. February 22nd vs. Oklahoma City Thunder - The new look Thunder were busy this summer, adding Paul George and Carmelo Anthony. This game will be fun to watch just from a matter of seeing how those guys gel and it’ll be a good test for the Kings youth. Plus it’s the first game for the Kings after the All-Star break and Trade Deadline, meaning it could be the first chance we get to see any new Kings if they make a trade.

Those are just my top five, and I’m looking forward to several others, including Rudy Gay’s return on Dec. 23rd, Giannis’ only visit on Nov. 28th, and of course, the two inevitable home wins against the Warriors.

For now though, I’m just glad we’re about to get preseason started, and getting to walk into that arena in just a few days to see these guys on the court for the first time. Bring on the KANGZ!