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A few minutes with Bogdan Bogdanovic

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The Kings rookie discusses a tough loss to the Suns and his ability to play point guard.

Kimani Okearah

(This interview took place after Friday night’s loss to the Phoenix Suns)

Sacramento Kings guard Bogdan Bogdanovic slowly made his way to his locker following the team’s 111-101 loss to the Phoenix Suns on Friday. Disappointed in the loss, his foul trouble and the fact that TJ Warren went off for 26 points and 10 rebounds, Bogdanovic still willingly spoke to reporters with the welcome, friendly nature he regularly exudes.

Bogdanovic, who finished with 13 points, 3 assists, 2 rebounds, 1 block and 4 fouls, said the loss was tough after a strong win against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Wednesday. He said the team is still learning to play with the same mindset and energy against each team, and that the emotion the team had against the Cavs just didn’t carry over. He couldn’t really explain the up-and-down nature of the Kings, only saying that for himself he does the same routine before every game.

“Bogie” took a few minutes to speak with Sactown Royalty about this and his ability to take on the role of point guard from time to time.

Can you feel that before a game [when it comes to the team’s lack of energy and the up and down play], or do you guys get on the floor and it is just different out there?

Not before a game. We are pretty motivated to win every single game, but sometimes when we can’t score, they score tough shots, today especially, or against the Clippers same thing, we allow the teams to go into double digits easy, so it’s tough to chase the whole game, but still learning.

You recently talked about how you feel comfortable running the point, and Dave Joerger has started to utilize you there more lately. Are you enjoying that? You seem pretty comfortable in that role.

Yeah, I do. I think we’re effective when I have the ball in my hands, like when I try to make the right plays. Also, the bigs like to play with me, that pick and roll game – that’s what I’ve been playing my whole life. So, still learning – every day there is a chance to learn something new so trying to be the best I can.

As far as passing you seem to see the floor pretty well. Are you seeing the floor the same way in the NBA that you did overseas?

Yeah, here you even have more space because of the defensive three seconds. So, there’s a lot of plays I can do, but for sure I need time, and we need time all together to understand each other, what we can do on the court so we can make some easy baskets, cheap points – that’s how you approach the game the easy way.

You have played at the two and the three this season as well. Do you feel comfortable at all three of these positions?

Yeah, today was a tough day for me. I was early in foul trouble so I couldn’t be aggressive the way I like to do defensively … but I feel comfortable in every position – I can play 1, 2, 3, I think.

Last time we spoke, you mentioned the coaches were working with you on taking your shot quicker and not hesitating when you are open. Do you think you are feeling more comfortable with that?

Yeah, I do. Still learning, I like to practice my shots first. I don’t like to take the shots I don’t practice, so about time I will for sure take more shots.