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Kings vs Clippers Preview: Fourth Time Is a Charm!

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The Kings head to Los Angeles for a rematch against the Lou Williams led Clippers!

NBA: Los Angeles Clippers at Sacramento Kings Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Saturday, and that means another edition of Sacramento Kills Your Weekend Vibe! The Kings are officially past the half point in the season and to celebrate, they’ve taken mercy upon us all, and scheduled this game so early, you can watch the whole thing and still have enough daylight to find your shovel and bury your smoking TV in the backyard. The Kings once again take on the Los Angeles Clippers; a team still looking in the mirror to see Al Swearengen to the Laker’s Cy Tolliver, but ignores everyone else in the league that expect them to answer to E.B. Farnham. Timely current references for the six readers that get to see this before the game! Let’s talk Kings basketball! (Or Deadwood... I’m free today all day really, and this game ends early.)

When: Saturday, January 13th; 12:30 pm PSt

Where: Staples Center; Los Angeles, CA


Radio: KHTK Sports 1140 AM

For Your Consideration

Empty Clips: There’s nothing more to say about the Clippers that you can’t glean from the game Thursday night in Sacramento. Lou Williams has a light so green, Brad Miller wants to sell it to that guy from work who head-nods you every time you see him, even though you’ve never been introduced. Blake Griffin is going to continue to do his best impression of what Z-Bo would be like if he used Anadrol and hated his reflection. Montrezl Harrell is going to continue to be a guy so large and paid so little, that I won’t be able to make much from the lawsuit when he Griffin’s me, so I can’t take swipes at him. I’LL GET YOU SOMEDAY, HARRELL!

The Kings got lucky when De’Andre Jordan went down, and made their runs when they counted but were play two pumps shy of a flat basketball all night. Every time they made a run, they felt compelled to give it right back up. Tonight, the Clips aren’t going away from what was successful last time. They’ve got a chance to get themselves to a .500 record and make a run for the playoffs, and two games in a row against Sacramento was a godsend for them. A playoff run that emulates Forrest Gump sprinting in concrete braces, but a run nonetheless.

Kosta (You the Game) Koufos: I wanted to highlight a comment that I saw on the post-game thread from someone talking about Koufos, as I think it’s important that we realizing to put Mr. Koufos in perspective. Can I complain about his defense on the well mannered and very kind Montrezl Harrell? Sure. But what I really won’t complain about is that turnover in the wanning moments of the game Thursday night. This comment is from 10KingsFan10 who hit the nail on the head far better than I could have.

I always feel bad for Koufos.

He’s the consummate professional who knows exactly what his role is, sticks to that role, works hard to stay in shape during the off-season, and plays every possession with heart & hustle. Unfortunately, because his game isn’t aesthetically pleasing, he gets the brunt of the blame from far too many fans. Even some who I considered to be rather educated in the game of basketball fail to see that he brings any value to the team, which is quite the shame. His rebounding is great, his screens are effective, he sprints up and down the floor on every possession, his defense is sound and sturdy, his little bunny shot is relatively reliable (his FG% would be 20th in the league if he shot a bit more to qualify), the ball never sticks to his hands, and he comes ready to play every night. Those are all qualities any coach would want in any big man.

This is probably Koufos’ last year with the Kings (either by being traded this season to a contender or by opting out over the summer), and I would just like to tell him one thing: Thank you for being a good player for the Sacramento Kings. We have had many sad and embarrassing moments over the past few years, but you have been one of the few bright spots. On and off the court, you have been a great professional and role model. If this is indeed your last season with the Kings, good luck with wherever you career takes you next.

Prediction: After being called out as a sham psychic yet again by Clippers fans, I decide to change the name of this section to “I ABSOLUTELY KNOW THIS WILL HAPPEN: EVERYONE PLEASE BELIEVE ME” ... But, no one believes me anymore. Clips Nation rejoices in saving their simple Kings brethren from an obvious snake oil salesman.

I quit Sactown Royalty.

22 years later, a W. Griffith runs for President of The Non-Contaminated Territories of the West and win off of my slogan “ Make Our Now Terrible Rations Exclude Zazamushi Lunches”. Taking my throne in Fresno, I make my first order of business to send my seven disfigured horsemen out across the wastelands to find an old backup center for the Clippers, and the small child who once ran a Twitter account for their fan page. The dust clouds obscuring my vision of the riders and the setting sun discolored by nuclear snow clouds off on the horizon, I smile with the four teeth I have left.

“Never Forget? Oh... I never forgot”.

Kings: 111, Clippers: 107