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Kings officially shut down Harry Giles for the season

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There have been no setbacks but the Kings have time and they’re willing to be patient.

Sacramento Kings v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

In unfortunate but unsurprising news for those who had wished to see Harry Giles play this season, the Kings today confirmed that Giles will not play this season, either in the NBA or the G-League.

Giles, the 20th pick in the draft, has been held out of game action since being drafted by the Kings. Giles suffered from two major knee surgeries (as well as another minor procedure) in high school and as such the Kings have opted to take the slow and steady approach with him, working on building strength around his knees and getting him ready for the NBA.

From the Kings:

Sacramento Kings rookie forward Harry Giles has made significant progress in the four months since beginning a measured and sustained plan designed to improve physical strength in his knees. Recent evaluation reveals Giles is entirely healthy, having experienced no setbacks during a focused regimen that has included participation in team practices, skill and strength training.

Given the wealth of scientific research supporting a methodical approach to ACL prevention and rehabilitation, he will not be introduced to NBA gameplay during the 2017-18 season but focus on more vigorous practice activity and individual workouts tailored to continue developing overall strength and aid ACL injury prevention. Harry will remain an active contributor in all other basketball-related team functions in preparation for action in the 2018 Las Vegas Summer League.

While I would have loved to see Giles play this season, this is a smart and prudent approach being taken by the Kings. There’s no need to rush him back, and the Kings already have enough young guys to play as it is. If Giles is going to be the steal the Kings hope he is, he is going to have to be healthy, and these are all good steps to hopefully ensure that when he does play, he remains healthy.