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Cleveland Cavaliers pursuing trade for George Hill, per report

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It makes a lot of sense for the Cavs

Kimani Okearah

The Cleveland Cavaliers could be interested in trading for Sacramento Kings point guard George Hill, according to a new report from Sham Charania of Yahoo Sports. While this trade partner has been subject of a lot of fan speculation, it is interesting to see the teams officially linked in the rumor mill.

Cleveland has emerged as an interested suitor, with the Cavaliers pursuing Hill to potentially slide into a dual-guard role, starting at either backcourt position or playing as a reserve, league sources said.

Hill’s fit with the Cavs makes a ton of sense. Aside from Isaiah Thomas, Cleveland’s other point guards are Derrick Rose and Jose Calderon, neither of whom inspire confidence in a title chase in 2018. Hill would be an immediate upgrade as second unit point guard, and could easily play alongside Isaiah. Hill’s three point shooting would fit the Cavaliers’ mold of surrounding LeBron James with veteran shooters. It’s easy to imagine Hill would be much happier in that situation as well.

The Kings could take back either Tristan Thompson or Iman Shumpert’s bloated contracts to help make the numbers work, with some sort of sweeteners added in.

The report contains no specific discussion of what the Kings would want or what the Cavs might offer, so go nuts in the comments with your trade ideas that I’m sure will be extremely fair and won’t overvalue a player we desperately have wanted to trade.